Order of the Arrow Sakuwit Lodge 2

Central New Jersey Council #352

2014 Winter Banquet

On January 5th, Sakuwit 2 will be holding the 2014 Winter Banquet. All Brothers and their families are invited.

There will be a world class meal, the Lodge's yearly recognition ceremony and awards, and a Scouting memorabilia auction.

If you have anything you would like to donate to the lodge for the auction, please bring it to the LEC on November 14th.

We look forward to seeing you at the banquet.

Anton Nelson
Winter Banquet Chair

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2013-12-04 22:01:42

November LEC

The November LEC will be held on November 14th 2013. It will be at the South Brunswick Public Works Building, 540 Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852. Everyone is invited to attend and see how the lodge works!
Get involved in your lodge! Hope to see you there!

Danny Woods
Lodge Chief

2013-10-23 19:45:16



The May Lodge Executive Committee meeting will be this Thursday May 9th 2013. It will be at the South Brunswick Public Works Building, 540 Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852. Everyone is invited to attend and see how the lodge works!
Get involved in your lodge! Hope to see you there!


Danny Woods
1st Vice Chief 2012-2013
Lodge Chief elect 2013-2014
Sakuwit Lodge 2

2013-05-08 21:14:51

Ordeal Staff Sign up


Attached please find the staff sign up form for all three ordeal weekends. We need as many people to attend as possible! If you would like to be an Elangomat, please check the appropriate box at the bottom of the page. Please also consider sealing your bond in the order and attain brotherhood at any of the three ordeals if you have not already done so.

Special information for the May Ordeal (May 17-19) is as follows:

Nothing changes UNLESS you are also attending the Jamboree shakedown in which case
if you are a...
-Brotherhood member: you may attend Friday night for free
-Ordeal member interested in attaining Brotherhood: the cost is $15
-Ordeal Member who cannot yet attain Brotherhood: you may attend free Friday night.
*Please send an email to Donna Parrinello if you are coming so we have an accurate count for friday night cracker barrel.

Thank you and see you up at the 'Creek!


Danny Woods
1st Vice Chief 2012-2013
Lodge Chief elect 2013-2014
Sakuwit Lodge 2

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2013-05-08 21:14:18

Cub Scout Support

We have some interesting news from our December LEC meeting. At the meeting, the Lodge Executive Committee voted to switch the lodge's focus to supporting the Cub Scout program in the Central New Jersey Council.

The idea of supporting the Cub Scout program is not a new one; we have been doing it in part for years, assisting at Cub-Parent weekends and assisting units and districts for Webelos crossovers. This focus takes us to a new level of support, where our entire annual lodge program ties into Cub Scouting. It signifies a new direction for the lodge, which will serve to increase the Cub Scout recruitment and retention rates, as well as become a new reason for many of our members to become, and stay, involved with the lodge.

We are starting this spring with a Cub 'Belt Loop Bash' concurrent with our Spring Fling. Future efforts will include:
a. An outdoor day program for new Tiger Cubs in conjunction with Fall Fellowship.
b. The development of teams of Arrowmen to assist packs with crossovers.
c. Assistance with Blue and Gold celebrations.
d. Reinstatement of the Boy Scout 101 program at each chapter.
e. Recognition of those Arrowmen who serve as Den Chiefs, as well as Cubmasters who are Arrowmen, usually from their days as youth.
f. Recognition of Cubmaster of the Year at our Winter Banquet.
g. Financial support of Cub Day Camps and Cub Scout programs.

We believe that the future benefits of the program will include:
a. An enhanced appreciation of the Order of the Arrow by Cub Scouts and their leaders.
b. More Cubs would stay in the Cub program due to enhanced program.
c. More Cubs would emulate the Arrowmen and desire to cross over into Boy Scouts.
d. More Arrowmen would see a purpose for themselves within the lodge and become active members.
e. An overall improvement of council recruitment and retention.

We hope that you are as excited about this change as we are. This is a bold move for a lodge, but we think that the end result will be a more robust program for the lodge members, and for Scouting in Central New Jersey Council as a whole. We hope that you will become more active with the lodge and help us support our 'brothers in blue' as we help them progress along the Scouting trail!

Interested? Get started by coming to the Spring Fling and get involved!

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2013-01-27 21:29:09

Winter Family Banquet

The Winter Banquet will be held on January 6th, 2013 at the American Legion, Post 25 in Milltown, NJ. There will be a world class buffet, silent and live patch auction, and award presentations! If you would like to attend, please send the attached form to the council office by December 27th.

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2012-12-17 16:22:08

2013 Membership Renewal

Don't forget to renew your lodge membership for 2013! To renew your membership, fill out the attached form and mail it to:

Central New Jersey Council, BSA
2245 US Highway 130, Suite 106
Dayton, NJ 08810-2420

Also consider signing up for Silver Arrow membership! Silver Arrow membership includes renewed membership, free attendance at all major lodge events, and a special Silver Arrow patch.

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2012-12-17 16:21:59

Welcome to the Sakuwit Lodge Website

Welcome to the new Sakuwit Lodge website! We hope that you find the new design appealing and functional. On this page we will post updates on the events and activities going on in the lodge, as well as forms for membership renewal and event registration.

2012-12-17 16:25:08

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Sakuwit Chapters

Pahaquarra District – Pahaquarra Chapter
Mercer Area District – Sanhican Chapter
Joyce Kilmer District – Sakawawin Chapter
Mattameechen District – Cowaw Chapter

Current Officers

Lodge Chief – Kevin Zebrowski
1st Vice Chief – Danny Woods
2nd Vice Chief – Christopher Gough
3rd Vice Chief – Chris M
Secretary – Kyle Menz
Treasurer – Andrew Ingraham